Hinckley Town Centre's Business Directory

Local independent businesses are the lifeblood of the Hinckley community, and in speaking to residents we often hear how strongly they feel about having independent shops and services on their doorstop.

Hinckley is home to many vibrant small businesses offering a wide-range of shops, services and products that some of the bigger names struggle to match. Have a look at the links below to view our resident businesses in more detail.

So whether you are looking for that perfect gift idea, a new state of the art TV, a local accountant, web designer, a pair of shoes, great restaurant or local reliable electrician, look local first!

Our Top 10 Reasons To Shop Locally!

  1. Your town centre is the heart of your community, use it, don’t lose it.
  2. Getting to your local town is more convenient and cheaper.
  3. Local businesses provide great service and value their customer.
  4. Local businesses offer unique products not available in clone towns.
  5. Local business owners invest in the community.
  6. Local businesses provide a local jobs.
  7. Local businesses support other local businesses.
  8. Buying local reduces my carbon footprint.
  9. Local businesses safe guard your local services.
  10. Buying local can save you money.