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The last decade has seen Hinckley BID go from strength to strength, helping Hinckley to weather the global and national economic recession that has hit all UK town centres over the past 10 years. The BID team has fought valiantly against the national trend and kept Hinckley town centre’s vacancy rate well below the national average of 10%. It has also consistently battled to maintain healthy footfall figures in the town with some real success.

As a consequence of two very successful 5-year terms, local businesses voted to give Hinckley a third BID term (1 May 2019 – 30 April 2024), demonstrating that the BID maintains a high level of business support and enables us to organise major crowd-pulling town centre events.

Hinckley Town Centre has done better than most to weather the ‘retail’ storm. It has kept abreast of and utilised the latest information technology to enhance Hinckley’s digital high street offer. Our BID events have attracted over 100,000 additional visitors each year and rewarded them with superb entertainment and current and relevant information, utilising e-newsletters and social media to promote businesses and offers through the FREE BID Loyalty card.

We have also proactively advocated and lobbied on difficult issues, crucial to the smooth running of our town centre businesses, and we have developed great relationships with local partners, especially the Borough Council.

Ready to listen, inform and find solutions, Hinckley BID is always available to its 400+ member businesses.

Without a BID, Hinckley Town Centre would certainly be at a competitive disadvantage.

The Hinckley Town Centre Partnership

Hinckley BID is a not-for-profit organisation which is administered by The Hinckley Town Centre Partnership Ltd (HTCP). Following is a list of the HTCP Board Members. All of these individuals kindly give their time freely and do not receive any form of remuneration..

Following is a list of the HTCP Board Members. All of these individuals kindly give their time freely and do not receive any form of remuneration.

  • Ian Daniels Director / Chairman
  • Gary Bird Director / Co-Vice Chair
  • Rosemary Wright Director / Co-Vice Chair
  • Bill Cullen Director
  • Malcolm Clarke Director
  • Stuart Elliott Director
  • Colin Fyfe Director
  • Gayner Johnson Director
  • Paul Moss Director
  • Keith Nichols Director
  • Judy Peatfield Director
  • Kevin Thompson Director
  • Steve Wegerif Director
  • Phil Wheeler Director
  • Amanda Wright Director

Your Hinckley BID Team!

    Steve Wegerif 07709 394841 BID Director
    Toni Scott 07821 123026 Business Liaison Manager / Events Manager
    Martina Smullen 07496 839304 Newsletters Editor, Accounts and Planning (part-time)
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