Concordia Theatre

A photograph of Concordia Theatre in Hinckley

About Concordia Theatre

The Hinckley Concordia Theatre is located in the centre of the town and was first opened to the general public in 1972. It has a 400-seat auditorium, housed within buildings that have been adapted by its members from a hosiery and knitwear factory that became derelict after the war. It was extended by the purchase of an adjacent building in 1978 and the stage area and facilities were substantially enhanced in 1988.

In 2009, disabled facilities were introduced by way of two 13-man lifts and wheelchair facilities within the auditorium. All of these developments were funded, in the main, from the theatre’s own resources. Completely run by volunteers, The Concordia offers varied, excellent live entertainment. Concordia is not just a theatre – it is more a way of life! We organize regular open days but are also always happy to make arrangements for groups or individuals who would like to look behind the scenes. Just ring Judy Peatfield, Publicity Officer on 01455 847676 and arrangement will be made.

Local theatre does not get better than this!