I Due Vulcani   Bar

What are your names and how long have you been running for?
We’ve been running since March this year (2018), so not very long! That’s why most people don’t know us yet!

The place is run by Agostino, Federica and Francesco – all of us are from Italy!

What's your typical day like?
Agostino’s typical day starts off with some paperwork and emails in the morning, then he helps with some food prep if necessary. His main role is supervising staff and taking care of all customer. He also takes care of the suppliers and makes sure we get only the highest quality ingredients from Italy.

Francesco and Federica take care of the marketing and financial side, as well as managing our Facebook, Instagram and Tripadvisor page. Francesco does all this in his “free time” (which means early morning, during his lunch break and at night…when the kids sleep!), as he is committed to another full-time job in another sector (nanotechnology and diagnostics). Federica, on the other hand, is mum of two boys (7 month and 3-years-old) so she has plenty of things to do!

What can we expect from I Due Vulcani in the run-up to Christmas?
We have completely changed our menu. We now have several new dishes, some of which are quite regional, as well as a completely new pizza!

Our new pizzas have the best Italian tomatoes and mozzarella Fior di Latte, directly imported from Italy, as well as a brand-new homemade pizza-dough. The first feedbacks from our tasters are incredibly good!

We’ll also host several live events:

  • 7th Dec: Ella May
  • 12th: Karaoke with Dave Mazzei
  • 14th: Zoe Snow
  • 31st: Unforgettable NYE, with Rheo

We also have a dedicated Christmas party menu at only £26.95. For our Christmas lunch, our new Italian chef has conceived a special 5-course meal which will delight and surprise you!

What do you most love about what you do?
Engaging with customers - their positive feedback and earning their loyalty is something we love and we strive for. It’s nice to see when people appreciate your work and the daily sacrifices.

What's your biggest seller?
So far, we’ve had great feedback on our meat and pizza. We are really proud of this as we source our meat from a local business, and it’s very nice to see two local and independent businesses working together to deliver the best products to their community.

Pizza is our other speciality. And now, with our new homemade dough and Italian Fior di Latte, it has gotten even better!

Finally, with the new menu, our tapas are also proving very popular.

What made you decide to start your own business?
We have always been passionate about food and we had in mind a few things that would make us a different place. Plus, we were and still are committed to quality ingredients, as we think this is where we could make a difference - especially if compared with the big chain restaurants, which use standard procedures and mostly frozen ingredients.

With our approach, not only can we deliver fresh and healthier food, but we can also personalise any dish according to our customer’s preferences. Very often we get asked to modify our dishes or prepare a dish that is not on our menu!

What's your biggest achievement so far?
We are quite proud that we managed to get through the initial months (which is always the hardest bit). We are also very happy about the positive feedback we constantly get from new customers, which indicates that we are doing well! We are also very proud of what we achieve on Tripadvisor and Facebook in terms of customer feedback.

What's your advice for someone wanting to start their own business?If you are passionate about something and truly believe in what you do, then just have a go at it! But first, do your research, listen to others (especially those with more experience than you) and plan. Planning is essential in business but, very often, it never goes according to the plan!

Indeed, adapting to the evolving situation is crucial if you want to overcome the daily issues you’ll face in your own business. Sometimes, however, you should think out of the box and try and get around the problem, rather than trying to solve it at all costs.

It sounds scary, but just try. Even if you fail, you’d have learnt something along your journey, and could proudly say “At least I’ve tried!”. Many people just sit back because they are afraid of failing or being seen as unsuccessful by their friends/family, in a world where – unfortunately – everyone seems obsessed by other people’s opinions.

What's your favourite thing about Hinckley?
Hinckley is a vivid town with several, regular events organised by the BID and the council. It’s actually very nice to see how the Hinckley community can get together very well, especially when it comes to support local businesses. It feels there is a genuine sense of belonging in the community.

Tell us something we wouldn't know about you...
Not everyone knows that we are an independent and local business, rather than a chain. Being an independent business, we do know how important it is to get support from our community and therefore we support our community ourselves, for example, by supporting or partnering with other local businesses (Hinckley AFC, Elbow Room, and others across Leicestershire).

Also, not many people know that they can come in just for a drink, as we are also a bar, with a wide range of drinks and cocktails that can be enjoyed in our comfy lounge area.

Where can people find you?
We are located in The Crescent, in Hinckley, just in front of Tarro Lounge and Wildwood. For Sat Nav purposes, the best is to use LE10 0AW.