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In this issue:

  • ZOOM with our MP Dr Luke Evans
  • Does Google still show you as CLOSED?
  • Would your staff benefit from some FREE First Aid and defibrillator training?
  • Hinckley BID’s 10th annual Motorshow – will YOU be open?
  • Summer of Fun leaflets available now
  • Is your free entry on the BID website up to date?
  • Are YOU making a BID Loyalty Card offer?
  • The BID BUZZ Circulation continues to grow
  • Cultural Grant
  • Full and half-day closing in Hinckley – why the public are confused…

ZOOM with our Member of Parliament Dr Luke Evans

Hosted by Hinckley BID, on Monday June 14th from 4pm to 5pm Hinckley and Bosworth MP Dr Luke Evans has asked for your business experience please during lockdown, and whether the Government is doing enough to support the ‘High Street’ now? Please join if you can – to receive your ZOOM invite, email with the words ‘June 14th - YES’.

Does Google show your business as 'Closed'?

Several BID Members have found that Google’s business page listing still shows their business as ‘closed’. Please check and contact Google accordingly.

Free First AId Training

Register with Hinckley BID now for FREE First Aid and Defibrillator Training delivered by a Licensed Professional and held at the BID office. A maximum of 10 trainees per session will receive a Certificate showing what they have learned. It is estimated that two 3.5 hour sessions will be planned for each course and dates will be provided once we understand the demand.

To book a space for one of your staff, please e-mail with the subject – ‘First Aid Training’ in the header and the name of your business and staff member as the body copy. We will then contact you again well in advance of the course dates. There are currently 8 accessible Defibrillators in the town centre.

Hinckley BID’s 10th Annual Motorshow

This show in 2019 brought more than 20,000 visitors into our town centre, and in 2021 will be held on Sunday September 19th, from 10am to 4.30pm.

With over 350 vehicles already entered - from North, South, East and West – you can be sure that this FREE event will be a real crowd puller. If you are going to open on that day, please e-mail with the words ‘OPEN for the Motorshow’ (together with your Open and Closing times)and we will be promoting your business in advance of the Event.

Hinckley BID's Summer of Fun

Please see attached our new FREE Summer of Fun 2021 leaflet – if you would like some for your shop/business to distribute, please let us know. These events will be promoted far and wide.

It's time to check your Hinckley BID website listing

Please take a look at the BID Business A-Z Directory on our website to ensure that your business is currently listed with all the correct details.

If you require any amendments to your page, or would like to add further images, please send those to

If you have not previously submitted details and do not appear, then please complete our Business Information Form.

Is your business making a Hinckley BID Loyalty Card offer?

350+ more people have applied for, and been sent a BID Loyalty Card during the pandemic and the total now exceeds 8400 in circulation. The new card holders are not only from our Borough and many others in Leicestershire but increasing numbers are joining from Warwickshire (including Nuneaton).

If you would like to join the 50+ Hinckley Businesses making a Loyalty card offer, please just call us on 01455 698494 and we will come and see you to discuss and advise.

Cultural Grant

Do you know of any organisation that might benefit from the details at the following link – if so please do pass this to them but be quick – application must close on June 6th.

Half or Full-Day Closing – What the public thinks about Hinckley shops

The public have on various occasions expressed their concern about shops and services being closed on so many different days of the week, be it for a half or a full-day. It is recognised nationally that if retailers wish to compete with ‘online’ then the public must have the confidence that they will regularly be open for business.

Hinckley BID will shortly be sending all retail facing businesses a survey to see if it is possible for those who have a weekday half-day closing in place (or in some cases, a full day closing) to have this happen on the same week day.

Likewise, footfall on Sundays is increasing and more retailers see this as an opportunity for the public to shop more leisurely, park for no charge and also eat and drink whilst in town with family and friends. We will also be asking for your thoughts on Sunday opening in the survey.

- - -

Please remember that if we can help, we always will or find somebody who may be able to assist.

Many thanks, stay safe and well.

Steve Wegerif

Published by Hinckley BID – 25/05/2021
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