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NEW GRANT for Businesses

Applications are now open for the Local Restrictions Support Grant (Closed) scheme, adapted for the period of national restrictions.

This scheme aims to help non-essential retail, personal care businesses, hospitality businesses including pubs, restaurants, cafes and social clubs as well as hotels, B&B’s, guest houses, indoor entertainment and visitor attractions that were told to close to the public from the start of the national restrictions on 5 January. The first payment period is for 42 days from 5 January 2021 to 15 February and the second payment cycle will be for a 44 day period to cover 16 February – 31 March 2021.

Businesses that have already made a successful claim for the first payment cycle will be contacted and asked to confirm they wish to apply for this grant using the information supplied previously. Businesses will be required to resubmit bank details and sign a declaration confirming that the circumstances of the business remain the same.

For more information and to claim please view this link.

Companies Offering Online Sales Support

A number of new companies have set up schemes to ‘help you to increase sales for no charge’ and are using information from websites such as to obtain contact information. We are all aware that nothing can be ‘free’ for long so if you are contacted by any of these companies and are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will NEVER endorse an external supplier without advising all BID members first.

If you are considering improving or setting up a website for the first time, please always contact us first as we may have access to specific grants or free help.

Hinckley BID’s 10th Annual Motorshow

This popular annual (except for 2020!) town centre event brought around 20,000 people into Hinckley in 2019 and this year will be held on Sunday September 19th. Many of the shops that did open reported brisk sales – so you may wish to diary the date for this year. Not everyone in a family is ‘vehicle-mad’, so they are happy to wander around the shops, cafes and restaurants and pop to the pubs and bars.

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Published by Hinckley BID – 25/02/2021
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