As we leave behind the decadence of Christmas, many of us will be looking to eat healthily and get in our five-a-day.

For residents of Hinckley, this usually means calling in to Cave’s, the popular fruit and veg store on Castle Street, to buy a rainbow of produce.

The family-run business has been going for half a century, and shows no sign of slowing down - they are currently looking to roll out a deli range to sell in shops across the country.

Here, we chat to owner Jonathan, who runs the business with his wife, Louise.

What’s your full name and how long have you been running Cave’s for?
Jonathan David Cave - it’s been a family business for fifty years, but I’ve been running it for around 30. I run the business with my wife, Louise.

What’s your typical day like?
Hectic! I’m up before dawn and into the Wholesale Market, and then it’s straight to the shop. We gave up in Nuneaton in order to concentrate on our shop in Hinckley, but there’s still lots to do! We also support Air Ambulance, Alzheimer’s Research and Cancer Research on top of everything else - we try to do what we can as a family business.

Do you have any plans coming up for the New Year? We’ve made a coleslaw which everyone raves about! Seriously, we have people travelling from all over to buy it. We’ve approached people, such as bakeries, who want to take it on board, and garden centres too. We are currently in talks with packaging people so we can roll it out - we are looking at doing a Cave’s Deli range so that we can expand our range of healthy products and grow.

We’d also like to get our website set up as soon as possible. Through that, we want to sell corporate fruit boxes and fruit baskets for presents. We don’t want to stand still, we don’t want to stop - we want to keep on going so we are looking at every angle.

What do you most love about what you do?I love that what we offer is healthy, it’s good for you. There are are a lot of unhealthy options now, fast food restaurants and problems with high levels of sugar in other products. What we sell…well, I know that we choose carefully and we’ve got lots of good products at competitive prices.

What’s your biggest seller?
It’s all dependent on seasons. In the summer, it’s soft fruits. Now, in the winter, it’s vegetables. However, all year round our Deli is always popular, especially our range of cheeses.

What’s your biggest achievement?
Having kids, I think (Jonathan and Louise have four - two boys and two girls) - and coping with them!

What’s your advice to someone looking to go into business?
Really, you’ve got to be looking at something relevant and current. Everything is changing, so make sure you’re going into something that people will want.

What’s your favourite thing about Hinckley?
The people! I think the people here are great. They are always fantastic with us - the support we get from the older generation especially is phenomenal. When we closed our Nuneaton shop, we got people coming to us here from all over the County. It’s overwhelming, really, that we’ve got so much support.

The BID and the council have been great, too. I take my hats off to them - they want us businesses to survive.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you…
I used to show jump on the British team when I was a young lad. Most people wouldn’t know that!

Where can we find you?
We’re on Facebook - Cave’s Fruiterers - and you can also come and visit us in our shop on Castle Street.