Banner photo for the news story 'Brand new cafe and bar named Moko coming to Hinckley town centre 'very very soon''

Mason Moore, Hinckley Reporter - Hinckley Free Press

A NEW cafe and bar called Moko is heading to Hinckley ‘very very soon’ – and it will serve up breakfast, brunches, small plates, sandwiches, coffees, and cocktails.

The exciting new independent venture is being led by Molly Pinson and Amber Hyde, who previously served as Managers of Hinckley’s branch of Benito’s.

Molly and Amber were given the chance to create the brand with the backing of Benito’s boss Michael Pearson.

Customers are encouraged to “be Moko”, as Moko has been described by bosses as “a feeling, a vibe, a state of mind, not just one thing.”

In fact, Moko will be housed in the former Benito’s space on Regent Street.

The unit has been completely overhauled since its last lease of life as Benito’s six weeks ago, with staff members working behind the scenes helping with sanding, scrubbing, cleaning, tidying and re-decorating from the early hours to late nights.

Speaking exclusively to the Hinckley Free Press, Molly and Amber revealed it is to serve as a ‘community hub’ for Hinckley town-goers, whilst also championing Regent Street, and helping to create more custom on the street.

They said: “We are very excited to launch Moko. It will be a community hub and our hope is to build our business around the local community and help support local community clubs so that we can all work together.”

“We will help to fundraise for a local charity which we have chosen which means a lot to us both and Mike as well.

“This is all about championing Regent Street and bringing everyone down there, especially with all of the fairs and special events which take place, like the Tin Hat Fair at Christmas and Hinckley Bid’s annual Motorshows – you need to be there.

“We want a place where you can bring your laptop or a book and relax, with nibbles, good music, and good vibes.

“We hope to use the space for a variety of purposes, such as book clubs, home work clubs, comedy and live music nights, parties and events including Baby Showers, Graduations, Engagement parties etc.”

Small dishes, pancakes, sandwiches, locally-sourced coffee, cakes, milkshakes, and Bond Street Distillery gin will be available inside, to name a few of the many menu items.

“We will cater to all ages, perfect place for a spot of lunch with friends and family, and the perfect spot for date night or meeting up with friends over a drink or two”

A ‘happy hour’ will be held from Thursdays to Saturdays, as the menu will sport “nearly just as many cocktails as before”.

“We are a great place for parents who can bring their kids too. As we’re launching a brand new kids menu, we took the time to really think about what our own siblings or children would like to eat. We will be providing a kids station, packed with toys, games, books, and craft supplies for our little visitors to enjoy.”

Former Benito’s employees are being given the chance to come back, with former head chef Salvador set to return. “We’re very lucky to have our head chef coming back, Salvador. He’s so excited. All the menu items are well-thought of. We’re a solid team, and we’ve been here since day one, so we’re like a family.”, Molly explained.

An al-fresco dining area would be created as a pavement licence has recently been given the ‘thumbs up’ by the council, which means patrons can enjoy a coffee on comfy outdoor furniture in the sun together with their friends on nice hot days.

Further details will be available across their social media pages including Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as their new website which will be coming shortly.

All photographs below are owned by Moko.