About UK Veterans Hearing Help

Samantha and Ben Bennett began the UK Veterans Hearing Help in response to Ben's subsequent hearing loss from his 13 years in the Royal Artillery. When Ben at 43 years of age started to struggle with the volume of the TV, and in groups of people, Sam, who was already a Hearing Aid Audiologist with their children (also Audiologists) diagnosed Ben with a high-frequency hearing loss which affected his clarity. They quite quickly fitted Ben with hearing aids with the support of a manufacturer and when Sam and Ben went to the next reunion, a lot of Bens’ colleagues commented on his hearing aids and their issues.

Sam and Ben together decided this was an area where they could help and give something back, and quickly developed the concept for the UK Veterans Hearing Help.

Two years on, Sam and Ben now work with Vickie, Chloe and Colin who together take the message out across the World, yes, the World! As we now get enquiries and arrange this service worldwide with support from Audiologists everywhere.