Banner photo for the news story 'Johnsons Celebrates 75 Years of Trading'

Congratulations to Gayner Johnson who owns and runs this wonderful lingerie and womenswear shop on Castle Street.

In 1947, Gayner's parents, Edward and Joan Johnson, took over a draper's business at 46 Castle Street, which had originally been established in 1867. The original cash book from 1867 survives to this day but, with two premises moves over the years, the current location is now 60 Castle Street.

There is no doubt that fashion has evolved, with the types of merchandise sold back then including lace-backed corsets, liberty bodices and original, silk fully-fashioned stockings, examples of which are currently on display as part of the 75th anniversary celebrations.

Having worked at the shop for an incredible 50 years, Gayner is delighted to still be at the helm of this successful family business. She says it is a role she loves, made all the more enjoyable by serving her loyal and lovely clientele. Many are long term customers who return time and time again, but Gayner is delighted to welcome new clients too, who happen upon her shop, a treasure trove of premium lingerie and beach wear, alongside fabulous, affordable fashion.

Expert, free bra fittings are available daily with a wide range of high-end brands and a vast array of styles to choose from. If you haven't visited the shop yet, we highly recommend that you do!

Given the stresses and challenges of a pandemic, Gayner is delighted to have weathered the storm and remains excited for the future of the business. She says, "When you enjoy what you do, there is no reason, not to carry on!".

We are with you on that Gayner, and wish you continued success in the years ahead.

In addition to the bricks and mortar business on Castle Street, Gayner also has an award-winning website, The Lingerie Company, which supplies lingerie to clients around the UK, but has shipped as far afield as Australia!