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Important Update from Government on NHS Covid-19 App

Ahead of the national launch of the NHS COVID-19 app across England and Wales on Thursday, 24 September, the Government is urging businesses like pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas
to ensure they have NHS QR code posters visible on entry so customers who have downloaded the app can use their smartphones to easily check-in. HBBC are kindly printing these posters and Hinckley BID will make them available when they arrive.

The announcement in full can be found at this link.

The Government has also published a stakeholder briefing pack on the NHS COVID-19 app that can be found at this link.

This app will be a critical enhancement of NHS Test and Trace in England. It will provide users with local risk information, alert them if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive and, very importantly, has a built-in QR scanner to check-in at venues.

Businesses and venues across England who will require QR code posters should prepare between now and the launch date. Hinckley BID has been asked by Government to:

  1. Encourage our businesses and venues to start generating and displaying the NHS QR poster, where these are appropriate.
  2. To use our channels to promote the app and drive awareness amongst our networks when it is launched.

​​​​The more people who use the app, the better it will work – and it will help us get ahead of the virus, preventing a second wave, further local lockdowns, and further disruption to the economy.

Please stay safe and well and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Steve Wegerif (BID Director)

07709 394841