• 18th November 2016


Hinckley and District was the childhood home to three famous brewers? It seems incredible to think but it is true. William Bass (1717-1787) lived in a house in Castle End, Hinckley. William Butler (1868-1909) was born in a house, no longer standing, in New Buildings, Hinckley. William Worthington (1723-1800) was born to yeoman farmers in Orton on the Hill, within the confines of the Borough district.

Hinckley and District Museum and Hinckley and Bosworth CAMRA, will be commemorating and celebrating these connections with a range of events in 2017.

From April to October there will be a Three Brewers exhibition at the Museum featuring material related to all three brewers, some of the artefacts being lent to the Museum by the National Brewery Museum.

The usual beer festivals in July and September staged by CAMRA will be augmented with other public events including the unveiling of a Three Brewers Beer Trail and unveiling of blue plaques. Watch out for announcements in the local media.

Never was there more truth to the “Higham on the Hill

  Stoke in the dale                                                                                                           

  Wykin for buttermilk                                                                                                               

  But Hinckley for ale!”